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The Royal Australian Engineer'Association of Tasmania Inc has sponsored  plaques dedicated to two  soldiers who died in World War One. These plaques are placed on the Soldiers Memorial Avenue on the Queen's Domain in Hobart

The Soldiers Memorial Avenue forms part of the Queen's Domain in Hobart Tasmania. It comprises 513 trees planted in 1918 and 1919 to commemorate soldiers, mainly from Hobart, who died in service or were killed in action in World War One.


In 1961, 52 trees commemorating Tasmanian soldiers who died in World War One were demolished to make way for a tip.

In 2008 The Soldiers Memorial Avenue at the Queen's domain in Hobart was extended to include 52 new plaques.

The unveiling of new plaques in their memory took place at a ceremony to celebrate the Avenue's 90th anniversary.


Tas Evans, a former member of 12 Fld Sqn RAE is a volunteer with the  Friends Of Soldiers Memorial Avenue (FOSMA)

He liaised with the RAE Association committee and FOSMA to facilitate the funding and dedication of the two plaques.

Tas also constructed the boxing to enable the concrete plinths to be poured for the plaques to be fixed to .

The two soldiers who are remembered on the Soldiers Memorial Avenue, are


Tree number 209

Lcpl Charles George Smith

13 Fd Coy

Killed in Action  31 March 1917 and


Tree number 417

Spr John Shadrick Pace

15 Fd Coy

Killed in Action  10 April 1918

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On the 10 Nov 2002 the Association placed a memorial to commemorate the Centenary of Sappers at Anglesea Barracks in Hobart Tasmania.

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