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The AIF Engineer's Association in Tasmania was founded in 1931.

The membership was restricted to only those who had served in the  AIF during World War 1 and later World War 2, Korea and Borneo conflicts.

In the 1970s the AIF Engineer's Association was changed to the 

Royal Australian Engineer's Association of Tasmania Inc.

This change was implemented to include membership for those serving and past serving CMF and later, Army Reservists of 12 Fd Sqn and ex regular soldiers to join as members.

Past members of 12 Fd Sqn, which was disbanded in 1987 continue in the Association.

The Association has an Annual General Meeting and dinner every year in  November and members are also invited to attend the Waterloo Dinner in May along with the Corps birthday in July.

The Committee of the RAE Association of Tasmania Inc is currently working with the 12/40 RTR Association to set up a display of the 12 Fd Sqn memorabilia in the Multi-User Depot at Derwent Barracks, Dowsing Point.  

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